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At 03:02 on a Sunday morning, the world as we knew it came to an end.

Mumbai suddenly went black — no electricity, no phones, no internet and no working cars. It was as if someone had turned off the master switch of our civilization, turning us back hundreds of years overnight. We learned that it was not just Mumbai, but much of the world that had been impacted.

We also learned that it was no accident. A deadly enemy was behind it. An enemy that was now in our midst, seeking to conquer us and destroy our way of life. This is how our war for freedom began. A war that was to be waged not on the borders or by the Army, but in our homes and streets, with us as the soldiers.

This is our story.

Book Review:

I rarely pick a thriller to read but after reading so many positive reviews of 03:02 and going through its  blurb, I could not hold my curiosity and finally decided to give it a read. And I am glad I did so. 03:02 by Mainak Dhar is highly captivating and one of the best thrillers I have ever read. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the title which is very innovative and catchy. As they say that the cover and title of a book are the first things that attracts a reader to a book and I must say the book passes the test with flying colours. If we talk about the plot and storyline of the book, in my view it is very creative and different from others.

The author deserves a huge applaud for the way he developed the flow of incidents and plot. As I began reading, I was impressed with the way the story begins and author directly comes on the topic and the city gets dark in the first few pages itself. Eventually whatever follows and the way the protagonist helps the people in his residential complex is quite interesting and keeps the reader hooked with the book.

The story looks very real and you can literally feel the flow of emotions inside you. The narration is very impressive and the author has done a wonderful job in describing each and every detail in a very catchy yet simple manner. The development of characters have also been done nicely.

Though I enjoyed reading the book, it comes with some faults and shortcomings. At some places, I felt the book was dragging and some of the sections could have easily cut short down.

The climax is crisp is nicely written. All in all an enjoyable read. Those who love thrillers or are looking for some light read, may this one a shot.

I would conclude the post by quoting few lines from the book:

“It was in those days, that I learned that even if your whole world is painted black, you can start to light it up again. All it needs is for each of us to realise that we should stop waiting for someone else to provide the spark; that the spark lies within each of us.”

** I received a review copy of the book from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. **

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