15/1 Story Avenue by Avishek Gupta – Book Review

15/1 Story Avenue



15/1 Story Avenue – an address where you’ll come across 15 soul touching stories by one author. Be it a heartwarming campus romance, a spine-chilling thriller, or a wonderful travelogue, you will find all under the same roof. The stories in this collection touch upon everyday lives. They speak of scenarios and characters you can strongly identify with. And yet, these tales grip your attention from the word go. Come, open the door and enter the house of stories. Wonderful surprises await you inside!

Book Review:

Do we judge a book by its cover? Yes, we do. There are different opinions on this matter. Personally, I think that a book should never be judged by its cover. But then, there is a huge gap between what we should do and what we actually do. Cover introduces you to a book and initiates your interest in it.

I love short stories and never miss a chance to buy a collection of short stories. But the cover of this book is so interesting, that the moment I saw it, I was drawn towards it and I immediately decided to read it. And I am glad that I did.

15/1  Story Avenue is an amazing collection of short stories. Each and every story has a different flavour. Every story is different from the other and one can not categorise the genre of the book. However, each and every story has been beautifully narrated. Some of the stories are light-hearted like Teri Meri Hatke while some of them are thought provoking like The Perfect Picture. My personal favourites are Teri Meri Hatke, A Ganges Full of Love and Mandroid.

The writing and narration style of the author is lucid and easy to follow. Most of the stories are written in first person making them more impactful. Kolkata, as a city, has been captured in bits and pieces here and there in the stories.

The title of the book is also very catchy.

Overall I enjoyed reading the book a lot and recommend to everyone who loves short stories or is looking for a fresh and relaxing read.

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