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A Grey Story



A GREY STORY traces the life of Surya through her adolescence, from early teens to early twenties. Born into a large family, she is neglected by her parents unintentionally and abused by her siblings intentionally. As happens with most middle children, Surya is made a scapegoat and often targeted for faults committed by others. She is made to put up with a lot. Then, suddenly, accidents and deaths start occurring in the family. The story is a reality check on the serious impact of such callousness on the human brain and the destruction it can cause once driven beyond tolerance. It also reveals the disadvantages of large families, where parents are unable to devote ample time to each child, thus inadvertently causing at least one of them to suffer dejection. A Grey Story shocks one into realising the serious psychological impact negligent upbringing can leave on children that can even drive them to crime.

Book Review:

This is a story of Surya and the emotional and psychological turmoil she goes all through her life. The story unveils the repercussions of such emotional trauma. I feel that the plot is the backbone of any story but in this case, the story was very evident from the blurb and the cover image that left nothing to be discovered in the book. I could easily predict the story even before starting reading it. However, I hoped the treatment and narration to be interesting enough to hold my interest. But the author failed in this department also and the story seemed very flat. I could not connect with the characters especially Surya.

In such stories, it is very important for the reader to connect with the protagonist to feel the agony and pain that it undergoes. But somehow, in this case the characters could not make any impact on me and the narration was very plain and simple without any sudden twists and turns. Everything was very predictable so the thrill and excitement that one feels while reading a psychological thriller was missing in “A Grey Story”. The language was easy to follow and the pace of the book was fast. A quick and average kind of read.

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