A Team of Extraordinary Bastards by Arka Datta – Book Review

A Team of Extraordinary Bastards 



Arya Sen is destiny’s child, a young boy from Kolkata who is born to be the greatest the Football World has ever seen. The universe never fails to surprise him with good fortunes as he embarks on his journey from Kolkata to all over the world. But, just when he starts to believe that nothing can go wrong for him, everything changes.

Surrounded by loss, darkness, and complete absence of luck, Arya desperately waits for hope. And it appears but from the unlikeliest of places. With the support of his wife April and younger brother Ilan, Arya takes upon him a task that is bigger and more important than all of them. This time, he is up against his greatest friend: Destiny.

Book Review:

[The book is provided by Arudha Club in exchange for a genuine review.]

Life is full of miseries, suffering, pain, loss followed by hope and triumph over the miseries. It is the course of your life that you consciously adopt that either makes you successful in the quest of freedom & happiness or pulls you to hell. Now don’t interpret hell literally. The agony and pain that one undergoes after a sudden shock or mishap is a worse feeling. It is our intellect, will power and efforts that make us going through the bad phase and deal with it. Every human being has the capacity to win over such situations as sufferings are part and parcel of life. And in such situation, it is you and only you who is capable to achieve it. Of course there are other means and tools to take you to your goal, but ultimately it is you who is actually needed to work towards it.

A Team of Extraordinary Bastards by Arka Datta is a beautiful tale of Arya Sen, the footballer, who after going through many ups and downs in his life, finally wins over everything. Very heartening and inspiring story. To motivate someone in life, it is not always necessary to lead the spiritual path but one can do this while very much living in this world. A big applaud for the author for conceptualizing such a theme and weaving it into a nice story. With the backdrop of football, the book is a pleasure to read. Sports loving people will definitely love reading it but this book is for everyone.

The first impression that I got from the title was not very positive. I don’t know why such a title was chosen. One may always justify it through the story or ending but there are many like me who are actually put off by such titles. However, I am glad that I went ahead with the blurb and decided to give it a chance as it seemed interesting.

The language is simple and intriguing. The descriptions including those of the football matches are excellent.

The building of characters have been done nicely and make every sense in the story. However, the cover was again a flip side for me.

Overall, A Team of Extraordinary Bastards is a nice read and is recommended to everyone looking for a fresh and good story especially sports lovers.

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