A Window to Her Dreams by Harshali Singh – Book Review

A Window to Her Dreams



Are two good people with good intentions enough to make a good marriage?

Aruna, a young divorcee, marries Bhuvan, an averagely successful young man. Both make promises of ever after with preconceived expectations—hers, freedom from a judgmental society and validation of herself and his, unconditional love and partnership.

Despite their best intentions, life plays rogue.

On the one hand, Aruna’s learned conditioning, developed as a result of her past, keeps coming in the way of their married normalcy and on the other, Bhuvan cannot fathom the signs of her distress.Their good intentions are tried at every step until the day when Aruna’s past revisits her. Bhuvan’s silences, Aruna’s distrust and the resurrection of her troublesome past lead to a downward spiral in their life that shakes Aruna to the core.As she stands on the precipice of a second failed marriage, Aruna tries one last time to take control of her life, something she had willingly surrendered last time.Does she succeed in saving her marriage? Or is she held back by her own apprehensions, choosing to stay victim?

Book Review:

A window to her dreams is not a book, it’s an experience. The book is so intriguing that while reading it will make you smile, cry and feel various emotions. The story of Aruna and Bhuvan has been crafted so well that the reader also takes a journey of their lives. I do not believe in disclosing the story so would like to mention only one thing. The plot revolves around the trials and dilemma of a divorcee. I like reading realistic novels that are close to life and this is one such book. The plot is relatable and the characters believable. There is no perfect character like there is no perfect human being. We all have shades of grey. No one is purely white or black. We all have faults and learn from our mistakes. Similarly the characters of this book also have their own shortcomings making them all the more closer to reality.

Narration style is beautiful. Free flowing and lucid that is gripping and easy to follow. One does not need a dictionary to read the book. It seems that the author has a keen eye on the details of whatever is happening around us. The way she has moulded these observations into a tale is commendable.

The cover of the book is awesome. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It’s simple yet gorgeous and gives a fair idea about the theme of the book. Title is nice and is apt with the story.

However, I feel the ending could have been different. It’s true that every person has his/her own point of view but for me the ending could be different.

Overall, A Window To Her Dreams is highly sensitive book written beautifully and those who love reading mature and sensitive tales would definitely love it. Read it. You will not be disappointed.

** I received a review copy of the book from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. **

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