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“Sometimes we handle everyone but can’t cope up with ourselves, and get embroiled in things we wish to avoid.” Everyone’s life has a turning point. For some, it changes the very core of who they are. Adhira had always been too good for a world that looked at her in a mixture of awe and exasperation. In the world of insecurities and loneliness, she strived to spread love. In the world focused on the self, she taught what it was to put others’ needs before one’s wants. One devastating piece of news shattered her perfect world, breaking down everything she had carefully built. Suddenly, there was so much to do and not enough time. The world around her crumbled, filled with betrayal and desertion. Will she ever be able to trust anyone again? Who could she trust? Why was she refusing to acknowledge the love that was presenting itself to her? Fierce warring between nursing the wounds of betrayal and opening herself to love again splits Adhira apart. Will she ever be able to love again? Come, travel with Adhira for a few turbulent chapters of her life, as she wades through love: lost and found.

Book Review:

Life is beautiful with all its ups and downs. It’s a journey to be lived and enjoyed. Some joins us during the journey and some leave us on the way. But ultimately it is us who have to make it worthwhile.

The protagonist, Adhira, is very likable and relatable character who always tries to fill the lives of others with love and happiness. As a perfect wife and a great friend she is a very relatable character. The story is definitely engaging and hooks the reader till the end. The narration style is also very good and there are some very good quotes in the book which are very inspiring.

Both the cover and the title of the book are very impressive and has the ability to attract readers.

Overall Adhira is definitely a captivating read recommended to those who are looking for some intense read.

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