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Adventures in Farland



Mira Rawat has heard tales of Farland all her life from her mother, who has described the magical place of gnomes, fairies, mermaids and animals, and especially its wondrous festival, the New Moon Party. Now, Mira has been informed by a man named Bushy that she has been invited by Princess Harmonica to attend the party. Bushy also uses a spell to turn her two friends, the mischievous and vexing boys, Bira and Vira, into rats so that they will not disturb the other party guests with their constant fighting and misbehaviour. At midnight, Mira, with Bira and Vira snuggled in her pocket, climbs Gunhill and is picked up by the pilot Starhead and flown in his plane to the party. However, the flight is cut short by a terrible wind, and Starhead is forced to land his plane near the Lost Forest. There, Mira discovers that Farland is in great jeopardy. Another Farland resident, Windman, has been generating great windstorms to prevent the Queen of Witches from reaching Dragon Hill. She intends to release the Dragon of Underhill, chained in its den beneath Dragon Hill, so that Farland will be burned and completely destroyed.

Book Review:

I have always loved reading kids’ books. When it comes to fairy tales or adventure stores, the thrill and adventure of these books are exemplary. I feel as if I myself am involved in the adventure with the characters of the book. Even today I read children’s books.

When I saw the book “Adventure in Farland” by Moshank Relia, the cover itself was enough to intrigue me. The bright usage of colours with attractive graphics, no one can hold himself/herself from picking the book to have a glance.

When I started reading the book, initially I got a feeling that the story will move in a similar pattern of Enid Blyton’s adventure books. However, after a couple of paragraphs, the story evolved into something unique. However, there were glimpses of fairy tales in it.

“Adventure in Farland” is the story of Mira Rawat and her friends Bira and Vira who are potbellied twins. This is the tale of their adventure in the Farland where they were supposed to attend the New Moon Party.

The story is quite interesting and there is a lot of scope for imagination which is very important when writing a kids’ book. The language used is also very apt for the children. Children will definitely be able to relate with the characters and their adventure.

Overall, the book is very good read for kids where the author has taken every care not to include any destructive language or incident. There are also illustrations in the book. However, they failed to attract me. They seem like rough sketches. Had they been created by some graphic illustrator with imaginative usage of colours, the book would have gone to another level.

I would have given it a 4 star but deducting half star for the illustrations. All in all, an enjoyable read for children for sure.

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