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Amidrishti: The Divine Attitude



Amidrishti – The Divine Attitude provides knowledge to live a life full of purpose and peace. This simple tale of two brothers provides guidance to the art of living with greater spiritual and emotional intelligence. A wonderfully crafted tale, the book narrates the extraordinary life of Amichand, a virtuous merchant who confronts challenges in life through his faith and patience. A life-changing odyssey, his journey provides powerful practical lessons that teach us to: Nourish relationships with family members Cultivate self-discipline Deal with adversities in life Be a benefactor to all including our own family members The story is all about relationships but there is a learning to one’s own self also, which is very powerful. Also available in Gujarati as ‘Amichand ni Amidrishti’ and in Hindi as ‘Amrut Drashti.’

Book Review:

In this era of chaos and confusion, we are continuously in look out for some guidance on how to live a life of purpose.  In the fast paced lives that we live today, moments of peace and solace have become a rare commodity. Everyone is running after something and in this rat race we forget to live our life to the fullest and achieve its purpose. “Amidrishti – the divine attitude” a self help book that provides the key to live a life full of purpose and peace. This book helps us in understanding the mysteries of life in a very simple way and also teaches us how to overcome the odds that we face during the journey of our life.

Amidrishti is a simple tale of two brothers. It narrates the extraordinary life of Amichand, a virtuous merchant who confronts challenges in life through his faith and patience. This book is written by Acharya bhuvanbhanu Surishwar and teaches us the art of living through the story of the protagonist Amichand. The book is divided in small chapters and deals with the various situations that take place in a person’s life and how to overcome them. At the end of every chapter there are few lines teaching us small life lessons in very simple language.

I have read many self help and spiritual books including the complete works of Swami Vivekananda and the works of Sri Aurobindo and Mother of Puducherry. All these books teach us about the moral values and the ethical principles of life. They all tell us how to lead a righteous life and Amidrishti exactly does the same. It conveys in a very practical manner the right way of leading life.

I personally feel there are different levels of readers especially when one is inclined to read spiritual and self help books. Every reader is not able to grasp the teachings sometimes when told in a very deep manner and they tend to lose the actual meaning and core of the teaching. But this book is an excellent example for such readers who want to read and learn from self help books but are not in very advanced spiritual level. This book teaches us with the help of a story of Amidrishti and through various situations that he faces during his life. This makes it extremely easy for the readers to grasp the teachings.

The writing style of Acharya Bhuvanbhanu Surishwar is superb and very easy to follow. He is well versed in Jain Scriptures and has touched all the crucial topics related to life. The book is full of pearls of wisdom and succeeds in passing on the message that material things only give us pleasure in life whereas spiritual path actually does good to us. It teaches us to nourish relationships with family members and cultivate self-discipline to deal with the adversities in life. In today’s fast paced life when families and bond between family members are falling apart due to the race to achieve materialistic pleasures, this book is a real eye opener.

Readers are definitely going to benefit from this book by changing their perspective towards life and gain peace in life.

Overall I would say Amidrishti is a life changing book that will carve a new path of peace and purpose for the readers. I highly recommend this book to everyone to gain some spiritual knowledge and control over mind. This will definitely help them lead a more fruitful life.

** I received a review copy of the book from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. **


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