April 2016 AtoZ Blogging Challenge by Novemberschild – Review

April 2016 AtoZ Blogging Challenge



This ebook is author’s attempt to present her thoughts in the form of a book that she had expressed while taking AtoZ Blogging Challenge for 2016. In her own words:

“My theme for April is not fixed. I am going to just think of some RANDOM topic which comes in my mind with that day’s alphabet and write the post. I have a lot of opinions. I speak my mind without sugar coating. I like being random. I search for the unknown and I want to experience everything from the depths of despair to the temples of ecstasy. I am addicted to writing. I don’t measure success in dollars. I work every day to become a better person, a person who helps others. If you are contented with the way things are in the world, then don’t fall into my path, unless you are on board with the revolution! Always be the change you wish to see.”

My View:

I have reviewed several books on this blog but this is one of its kind. This ebook contains a chain of thoughts, each originating from a letter of English alphabet. I found each and every topic very original and what impressed me the most was the diversity in topics.

The author has chosen each and every topic very carefully and has taken no short cuts to finish off the challenge of A – Z blogging. She has put a lot of thought and substance to every piece of blog which made them a delight to read. I liked every written piece but my favourites are “Antagonists”, “Colours”, “Jagjit Singh, my first love”, “Power of Positivity”, “Ulysses” and “Zero Invention”.

All I can say about this ebook is that the author has presented beautiful thoughts in a very impressive manner that are insightful and a delight to read.

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