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Bag It All



As told to Suman Chhabria Addepalli with a foreword by Rashmi Bansal – A Bestselling author. The inspirational story of an entrepreneur who built a 100-crore company with the power of intent and love . Indra Nooyi said, “Women can’t have it all!” It’s either career or family. I disagree. As I see it, we can have it all – a successful company, a loving family and the opportunity to follow our passion. When I was a teenager, I started a small ghar-ka-business selling trendy handbags. Today, Baggit is a 100-crore company. Along the way, I became a wife and a mom, and navigated the various twists and turns in my personal life. I could do it all because of my loving, supportive family and my guru, who have made me a better person and a better entrepreneur. This is the story of how a C-minus student – a failure in college – became an A-plus entrepreneur. If I can do it, so can you. My secrets are in these pages.

Book Review:

Bag It All, the biography of Nina Lekhi.( founder and MD of Baggit India, a brand that is associated with handmade bags) is not only an inspiring story for all women who want to step out and achieve success but is also something that everyone must read. Despite all the articles we read about gender equality, the bitter truth is that working women in India still face a lot of challenges. The situations may be changing in the metros but the fact remains the same that India is not only Delhi or Mumbai. The book tells us the roller coaster journey of Nina Lekhi and how she turned the brand into a successful name and made it a company worth 100 crore.

I had read a book It Happened in India by Kirhore Biyani (founder of Big Bazaar, Pantaloons etc. and the king of retail in India) and how he made the brands a big success. I was highly impressed by his journey. After that, this is the book on entrepreneurship that really inspired me. The book not only narrates Nina Lekhi’s life but also makes us aware of her struggles and the lessons she learnt from those struggles. Everyone really needs to read the book that teaches us how to rise to success after facing initial failures. This will be a special treat for all business aspirants.

All in all Bag It All is truly an inspirational journey.

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