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Beyond Secrets



Noel is a counsellor, risking his career for volunteering in an orphanage.
Nidhi is an engineering student on the surface, but deep down a broken girl in search of some unanswered questions.
Appu is a sweet little orphan, unaware of the cruelties of the world.
Despite being miles apart their stories interweave in “Aashiyana”, the orphanage. Their little journey together changes their lives in ways they never imagined.
One recurring nightmare, one unexpected phone call, one stolen diary, many lies and secrets, and a calling from the past are just the highlights. And when they depart, they are not the same anymore.
They didn’t hurt each other, it was a game of destiny. Will they ever be able to rediscover themselves and more importantly, will their paths ever cross again?
Beyond Secrets is a novel with layers of suspense and different nuances of relationships. And one question that can’t have just one answer – How long does it take for a scar to heal?

Book Review:

Beyond Secrets is a suspense novel with good plotting and storyline. The story is captivating that keeps you hooked to the book till the end. The suspense in the story is quite unpredictable that makes the book a real page turner.

The plot of the story is quite interesting. Even the blurb is very attractive and compels a reader to pick the book for a read. It is the story of Noel, a counsellor, Nidhi, an engineering student and Appu, a sweet little orphan who is unaware of the cruelties of the world, and their interwoven lives.

The twists and turns in the story make the book all the more interesting. With layers of suspense and different nuances of relationships, it is an enjoyable read.

The characterisations are done nicely and they have been developed well. There are places and incidents where you would like the character and then there are places where you will hate them for their decisions. But overall, all of them are quite relatable and feel real. The narration style is good and one can feel the agony and pains of the characters along with them. What I liked was the vivivd descriptions and style of narration that helped me visualise the whole scenario.

The author has managed to keep the suspense intact till the end.

Beyond secrets is a well-executed, fast paced story with a suspense plot that will keep you hooked till the very last page of the book.

The cover of the book is just okay and fails to catch the eyes of the readers. Title also has nothing new to offer.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Beyond secrets. It’s a quick, fast paced book, apt for a short flight or lazy weekend afternoon. Recommended for all who are looking for a quick, fact paced read without investing a lot emotionally in the story.

** I received a review copy of the book from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. **

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