Border Post 99: No Man’s Land by Kedar Patankar – Book Review

Border Post 99: No Man’s Land



March, 2011 – In the pine forest that marks the No Man’s Land along the volatile India-Pakistan border, leopards roam freely across enemy lines, instigating fear in a pair of rival soldiers who are each guarding an illegal post and trying desperately to follow the strict orders they’ve been given: Don’t shoot.

Lt. Sharma is a 25-year-old Indian rookie, fresh out of military training school and longing to return home. Captain Khan is a war-weary Pakistani veteran whose only desire is to be left alone with his thoughts. When the men are suddenly forced to acknowledge one another’s presence, their nerves begin to fray and their tempers fly high. Sharma and Khan launch into a fierce duel of wits and egos that can only end when one of them dies.

Book Review:

Border post 99: No Man’s Land is a novella that is different from the usual run of the mill books and is well narrated with a series of interesting events. The backdrop and the storyline is quite unique and interesting that actually prompted me to read the book and the author has been successful in building the atmosphere and the tension. The narration is very good and descriptive which actually makes the reader visualise the whole scenario. The author has done a good amount of research before writing the book and that makes the story seem very realistic.

The two main characters are very interesting whose character building has been done very beautifully and the pace of the book is also very good. The climax was good however, after a certain point of time I could guess it by the way the story unfolded. The language is simple and easy to follow. All in all an interesting read. If you are looking for a break from usual romantic novels, you may give this one a shot.

I received the book from the author as a part of The India Readathon. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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