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Checkmate is the story about hijacking of a plane by terrorists to free three dangerous militants from the Indian prison. Two fierce terrorists take over an Indian plane going to London and hold all the passengers hostage. Their motive is to bargain the lives of three militants with the Indian Government against the lives of the passenger who have been held as hostages. The chief justice of Mumbai High court is used as a pawn by the terrorists to hijack the plane. The Prime Minister of India is in a soup when Vikram Roy, chief Secretary of RAW, comes to the rescue of the Government. As the story unfolds, a shocking truth is disclosed that there are more dangerous game plans of the terrorist group waiting to destabilize the internal security of India. Will Vikram Roy and Abhishek (the second in command) be able to diffuse the plan of the terrorist groups Lashkar-e-Taiba and Taliban? Will he be able to unmask the face behind the internal conspiracy? What will be the fate of the hostages? Let all these questions be left to the reader to be discovered.


Book Review:

Checkmate is a fast paced book that has all the ingredients to hold the interest of the reader till the end. The language of the book is very lucid especially the dialogues which are simply remarkable. It’s a quick read that can be finished in a single sitting. Moreover the plot, full of interesting twists and turns, keeps you hooked throughout the story and doesn’t allow you to leave the book midway. The twist at the end needs a special mention which is the crowning glory of the story.

It is a gripping suspense thriller and is a perfect read for those who  love action packed thrillers. The author Hrishikesh Joshi has done a commendable attempt in his debut novel. He has not hesitated in including some daring statements and incidents in the story involving the jehadis. He has also blended several facts very cleverly with the fiction elements to make the story feel real.  The plot setting is crisp and at no point the reader feels bored.


The way in which minute details have been taken care of within the story line; be it regarding RAW or the jehadis, or the weapons used by the Army etc., clearly show that a lot of research has been done by the author before writing the novel.

All in all, a good thriller with all the elements of a crime and thriller novel.

Thanks to the publisher for providing the book for an honest review.

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