Come Back to Leave Me… Again by Sohil Ashvin Shah – Book Review

Come Back to Leave Me… Again



“Why does the love always seem beautiful in romantic movies and novels, but not in real life? Why should lovers not be in any relationship after they break up? Why do ex-lovers always try to deal with damages instead of staying together? If you want answers to the questions, this book is for you.”

Book Review:

“Come Back To Leave Me…. Again”; the title itself was catchy enough for me to pick the book. It is the debut book of Sohil Ashvin Shah. The author has tried to present a realistic story to the readers, however, somewhere during the execution, the narration fell flat. The story is another addition to the teenage romantic novels tried to be served differently. But the overall execution did not feel much impressive. The book deals with the stories of Siddhanth and Hrishita. It is set in the current time where the internet including Facebook and Whatsapp play a vital role in our lives.

The plot has nothing new to offer and the language is also not very impressive. Targeted at the teenagers, the book is an average read. The long chat messages made it a bit draggy and boring. The story is a combination of friendship, love, heartbreak, and grief but the book lacks depth. However, the author has done a good job in trying to create an interesting story. Look forward to read more powerful books by him in future.

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