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In First Person



Alice is thrilled with her new baby, but then war looms on the horizon

Since her baby was born Alice was in a permanent state of euphoria.She could spend hours cuddling her, feeding, doing everything possible just to touch her. But then black clouds gathered on the horizonas war loomed ahead.People began to hoard food, military-aged men disappeared from the streets, and long linesformed at stores. It was Alice’s first war in Israel, and the situation was grave.

The personal horror story of Alice’s first war comes back to haunt her

Alice was beside herself; the ground felt unsteady under her feet. Was it possible that what had happened then is going to happen again? Alice was born when World War II was raging. Her father joined the army and never returned. When the Nazis started transporting Jews to ghettos and death camps, her mother wanted to save her. So she gave her away.

Will Alice be mercilessly thrown back into the appalling experiences of her past?

Alice never knew her parents. They are faceless to her; she can’t see or imagine them. Was this war now happening so that Alice would finally be able to feel like her mother when she gave her child away?

Book Review:

War has never done any good. It’s not only the soldiers fighting with the enemy but their family also that goes through great difficulties and emotional trauma. In First Person is one such book that tells us the story of Alice whose husband is a soldier who is called into duty when a wart starts. The story is highly intriguing and keeps you hooked till the end. The book is definitely not a feel good book but it is definitely a great read and I loved it. It is a heart wrenching story and full of sadness and pain. But there are also moments of happiness and strength.

The plot and theme of the book is extremely powerful. The description and style of narration is also praiseworthy. Depicting the horrible situations of war conditions so vividly that you can clearly imagine the scenes in your mind. The traumas and horrors of war are portrayed so well that you feel they are happening to you. The characters are also portrayed extremely well and feel real.

Overall, In First Person by Lucy Paz is an emotional tale set in the time of war. Highly recommended for those who love reading emotional and realistic books.

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