Intimidating Obscurity: A Pursue to Eternity by Dimple Singh – Book Review

Intimidating Obscurity: A Pursue to Eternity



‘Intimidating Obscurity a Pursue to Eternity’, revolves around an independent woman, Stella Stewart, who hardly steps into her college life when she is informed of her mother’s mysterious death.

After a few days two more deaths of similar patterns take place, unfortunately she loses all her dear ones one by one. All her moaning vanishes in a glimpse when Rey enters her life and she falls for him.

Her life takes a big twist when she dejects him due to a mysterious phone call. After a few days she gets married to Robert Patrick who swears to make her life worse than hell along with the company of Kimaya, who loved Rey too and joins him to separate Rey and Stella. Heartbroken Rey marries Kimaya. After a year Stella is found dead.

Rey almost forgets his past love when he discovers Stella’s diary one day and which opens her entire story before him. Will Rey succeed in rescuing Stella from Robert before it’s too late?

Book Review:

Two words to define this book: Complex & Complicated. A book should be able to touch the soul of the reader and the reader should be able to feel everything happening with the protagonist. However, if you are constantly required to activate your grey cell, right from the beginning to decode the title, then somewhere, something is lacking in the book. To read this novel one needs to keep the dictionary handy which makes the journey extremely bumpy.

Intimidating Obscurity is a complex story with some unnecessary twists which further complicate the plot. The narration style is not at all impressive. A simple narration style always triumphs in impressing the readers. With numerous grammatical errors, the book was an okay kind of read.

The characters are also very complex and the reader fails to connect with them.

Overall, Intimidating Obscurity is a below average book with poor execution. Could have been better.

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