Karna’s Celestial Armor by Surendra Nath – Book Review

Karna’s Celestial Armor



We all know that in MAHABHARATA, Karna had, on his body, his Kavach-Kundal (set of armor and earrings) which rendered him invincible in battle against any foe. God Indra tricked Karna and took away the divine set. So, in the final battle Arjuna killed Karna.

That’s the back-story. After that, what did Indra do with the all-powerful Kavach-Kundal? Did he hide it somewhere? What if someone can find it today? That’s what this novel is about. Vasu, from the present time, sets off to find the set. The spirit of Karna guides him through the search.

Indra always knew someone would come looking for it. So he used all his ingenuity to hide it in most impossible of places. That makes Vasu’s task so much more challenging. And he is not the only one who is interested in this quest. There are others trailing him.

Join Vasu in this thrilling adventure through mysterious locations in India to know why the armor was all that potent, and if it still is. 

Book Review:

Karna is the most misunderstood character of Mahabharata. He also made some wrong choices due to which he had to suffer a lot. However, he has always been one of the most powerful characters of not only the epic but is also my favourite character from Mahabharata. Karna’s Celestial Armor is a book about the quest of his celestial armour by a boy named Vasu. Karna was born with a celestial armour and earrings (kavach & kundala) which were taken by Indra before he was supposed to face Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

In this book, Vasu, kind of an alter ego of Karna, sets out on a hunt for missing parts of Karna’s long-lost celestial armour that had been hidden by Indra. The main theme and concept is quite unique and different from other mythological books. So if you are thinking it to be a re-telling of a part of Mahabharata involving Karna then you are mistaken. Instead ‘Karna’s Celestial Armor’ is something entirely different. The story is set in the 21st century with Karna’s celestial armour and earrings at the core. It also has glimpses of Mahabharata. The quest in itself is pretty interesting and clues and locations of the Kavach – Kundal is well thought of.

The narration is fluid and language used is simple and easy to understand. The characters are well developed.

The book is an amalgamation of mythology, fiction, mystery and of course a dash of spiritualism. The book also has glimpses of Mahabharata.

The cover of the book is very bland and disappointing. It totally fails to grab the attention of readers.

Overall, Karna’s Celestial Armor is an entertaining read. I enjoyed reading the book.

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