Kissing the Demon: The Creative Writer’s Handbook by Amrita Kumar – Book Review

Kissing the Demon: The Creative Writer’s Handbook



Do you have a great story to tell but don t know where to begin or how to give it shape?

Whether you are an aspiring writer or a seasoned one, a writer of fiction or narrative non-fiction, Kissing the Demon will help you navigate the maze of plot construction, narrative viewpoint, character development, dialogue creation and description even while allowing your imagination to flow.

Written by an editor and publisher who has for over four decades nurtured some of India s finest writers, it also tackles the insular world of publishers, agents, contracts and editors. It tells you how to find a publisher or agent, what gets a publisher’s attention and what turns it off all the stuff writers take years to learn.

Finally, it offers solutions to the vexing issue of balancing everyday life with writing, a problem every writer faces and the reason why so many books remain unwritten.

George Orwell once described writing as a horrible, exhausting experience, and that he wouldn’t have written a single book were he not driven by some demon he could neither resist nor understand. Kissing the Demon will make your journey as a writer a little less painful, make you look upon that demon with a little more love.

Book Review:

I myself am a writer and very well know the ups and downs of the process while penning a book. Being the author of one published book and the second in progress, Kissing the Demon taught me many things about publishing and writing.  A new author can make several mistakes which may turn the creation into a sloppy read. But with careful attention to every department of writing, one can really come with a good book.

This book is a great help for those who are either at the early stage of writing or are planning to write one. This book helps a lot to channelize the literary prowess of budding authors. There are so many things that aspiring authors may be oblivious for. This book is perfectly for them to understand the whole process.

Set up for the Indian publishing scene, the book is divided conveniently into various parts like Narration Techniques, POVs, getting ready to publish, getting over writers’ block etc. The most important part which I think is one of the most difficult is preparing your book to send to a publisher. Kissing the Demon provides crisp and concise suggestions for this department as well.

The most interesting things are the differences between the publishing scene in India and the one abroad. Indian publishing scenario is totally different from abroad and the book comes handy for learning things one needs to consider while aspiring to get published in India.

Sometimes I feel that taking a systematic approach may make the process monotonous and I should go with flow. But in the book, the author has very well explained why a systematic approach helps in making the process seamless.

The book is recommended for all writers who want to publish their first book. It is also a great help for authors who are new in the industry and need to hone their skills of creating an effective and successful book.

** I received a review copy of the book from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. **

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