Mindful But Absent by Vikas Gupta – Book Review

Mindful But Absent



This is a story about relationships within a family unit and close friends for a happy & enriching life. It traces fictional journeys of a few friends from IIM Ahmedabad over the course of 25 years Set against the backdrop of multiple bottom-line or impact investments, it highlights inherent conflicts of success in the intensely competitive lives of these MBAs. The story amalgamates rustic India and contemporary global with its wry humor and its take on the startup ecosystem which most professionals may relate to.

Book Review:

The first thing I was reminded of after reading the blurb was of a book by Erich Segal: “The Class”. Though the story of “Mindful But Absent” is very much different from “The Class” but somewhere I feel deep within that there is a similarity in the concept of the two.

The title of the novel is very innovative in itself and I liked the way author has used the first three letters of each word to symbolize MBA. The book is a very light and simple read that tells the story of three friends Rohan aka Rolo, Ashim and Ramesh and their life journey after passing out from IIM Ahmedabad. The theme of the novel is very apt considering the changing approach of people and youth in the present era towards life.

The story may resonate well with the entrepreneurs and founders of start-ups who may very well relate with the book. The language is simple and easy to follow that made it a quick read.

For me it was an average kind of a read. Readers looking for a novel set at the backdrop of business and entrepreneurial fraternity may give it a shot. All in all a light read suitable for reading during a flight or a lazy weekend when you are not really looking for a serious reading.


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