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Murderous Greed



Early one morning in the township of Avadi, a woman who was on her way to attend a relative’s wedding falls victim to a chain-snatcher and loses her life in the process. The very same morning, Karthik, an up and coming young businessman is found shot dead in his car in the middle of the road – the only witness to the incident being his employee Drishti who was in the car with him at the time. The responsibility of getting behind the root of both incidents falls on Inspector Satyajit, an intrepid and honest police officer, and his team who get cracking on both cases immediately. But as the investigation proceeds further, the incidents and the stories of those involved get increasingly confused and murkier. What illegal deals was Karthik involved in? Did these deals cause his untimely death? How is all this connected to the housewife who was killed the same morning? What is the part played by the mysterious Gun Club in all these events? Follow Satyajit as he attempts to uncover these dubious questions.

Book Review:

Murderous Greed is a fast paced crime thriller which has all the ingredients of a mystery thriller to keep the reader engaged till the end. There are very interesting twists and turns which make the book all the more interesting. With the inclusion of description of local places, plots and subplots, the book succeeds in entertaining the readers.

The plot is nice and the scenes are well described with vivid imagery. I found the language too simple but maybe this was the requirement as the book is a crime thriller. The characters have been developed well and are quite interesting. At some places the book seemed to be dragging but overall it was an enjoyable read.

The cover of the book is absolutely apt and in sync with the storyline. The title is also appropriate considering the plot.

Overall, Murderous Greed by Arun K. Nair is an interesting, fast paced and light mystery novel which is just appropriate to be read during a short flight or a lazy weekend afternoon.

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