Once In A Lifetime; Happens Again – Book Review

Once In A Lifetime; Happens Again



How far can a girl go to make a guy like her? Meet Ashwin. Know his deepest desires. Nothing more than being in love, and not being hurt in the process. Know Ankita, his best friend, his confidant. What will happen when, not just one, but both of Ashwin’s consecutive crushes, think he is playing a puppet master? Fate, as usual, has its own way.

Book Review:

Once is a lifetime happens again is a book about teenage love and the dilemmas associated with it. The story is a simple read and has nothing new to offer. Revolving around the protagonist Ashwin and his crushes (as in my view at this age a person is too young to depict what true love is), it is a light read fit to read during a flight. However, for readers who want a little depth and substance in any book may not find it interesting enough. The novel may resonate well with teenagers who may identify themselves with the protagonist and the other characters.

The narration is simple and language is easy to follow. The cover also fails to impress. I personally found it an average read.

I got a free copy of the book from the publisher in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.

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