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Pandora’s Box




Pandora’s box is a collection of tales that have woven reality and fiction together to serve to the reader spine chilling narratives and jaw dropping climaxes. most of the stories are inspired by real life incidents and characters – like Saddam Hussein’s CIA connection, the secret army of the Indian prime minister, Hitler’s biggest mass murderer, strangest rains where frogs fell from the sky, heroism of Moldof, terrorist funding in Columbia, NASA’s controversial moon landings and so on. some stories are inspired by characters around you who touch your lives in so many ways yet go unnoticed. some climaxes will urge you to read the story again with a new perspective. if imagination is more powerful than knowledge then here is a book that invites you to join the author in the most powerful imaginative endeavors you may have ever undertaken till now . . . in a literary environment of course.

Book Review:

Pandora’s Box is a good effort from a debutant author, who has captured various facets of life, giving a unique twist to every story at the climax. Every story is different from the other and does a fairly good job to intrigue the reader; but some of the stories appeared technically more evolved than the others that seemed to be in need of more polishing.

The theme and idea of the stories are quite different from other Indian fiction that give this book an edge over the others; although at places the author seemed to be rushing in finishing the stories by ending them abruptly. A lot of research has been done by the author to pen down the stories. The book isn’t meant for leisurely reading, you have to be attentive while reading it. The language used in the book is very good.

Overall the book is an appreciable effort by a new author. Readers looking for some serious reading will enjoy it. Not meant for casual reading.

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