Phases of Moon by Neha Jindal – Book Review

Phases of Moon



Every human being has different feelings and emotions at every stage of life, but they are unable to express. This book gives an expression, to various emotions of a human heart. The poetries in this book will echo your heart, and will give words and voice to your emotions. It covers different stages of life starting from teenage to marriage. Hope you love getting drowned in this emotional stream.

Book Review:

[The book is provided by Arudha Club in exchange for a genuine review.]

Phases of Moon is a poetic journey of a girl’s life where the poetess has captured the essence of every stage of life.  The book is divided into various sections like teenage, marriage etc. where poems pertaining to that particular stage of life have been included.

The book is a nice effort and the poems are simple and are in rhyme. Though the feelings captured are genuine, however, the work seems a little amateurish which need a bit more polishing. However, the efforts that the poetess has put into penning them must be applauded.

The cover page is highly engrossing but somehow I felt it should have been more Indian in style. The inside images also didn’t gel with the book. Either they should have been omitted or illustrations should have been used instead of images.

The title is very nice and apt considering the theme of the book.

Overall the book is a decent effort by the poetess and hope to read some amazing poems by her in future.

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