Polite Pickup lines in Indian Pubs: Scenario Based Conversations in Pubs by Varun Mannava – Book Review

Poilte Pickup lines in Indian Pubs: Scenario-Based Conversations in Pubs



There must be countless conversations in pubs that people would carry along with them to their grave because they never mustered the courage to speak. That one girl you saw, that one line you wanted to say but you couldn’t because you were shy or you had no clue how to start the conversation. That moment when you felt that the pub was not working in your favor. That moment when you thought of that one friend who could help you converse easily with the women you admired. Well your search for pub conversations ends here. Polite Pickup Lines in Indian Pubs: Scenario-based Conversations in Pubs aims to deliver the answers to all your questions about conversation starters, how to use the pub to your advantage, where to talk, where not to talk, how to talk, how not to talk, whom to talk, whom not to talk, why talk. This book helps you create scenarios where conversations are bound to happen.

Book Review:

*********** I received a copy of the book for honest and unbiased review ******************

The reason of my choosing this book to read may sound strange but actually, I wanted to know what goes in the mind of men/boys when they use any “Pickup Line”. Perhaps my interest in psychology drew me to this book and I must say it was my biggest mistake. This book has left no stone unturned in objectifying women. This is the mindset against which every woman is fighting today.

Perhaps this is the personal view of the author or as he says his observation but it can not be appreciated at all. This book has everything from intruding into others’ privacy to objectifying women, putting racist pieces of writing and presenting women in the worst light.

I could digest a bit of it if the author would have categorised the book under humour and satire. But tips & advice? I am sorry. I wonder what the author wants to teach with the following tip:

” if you see a woman with a funky hairdo or a nose ring, just walk up to them and say ‘nice hairdo. Can I take a selfie with you please?’
Saying this, click a selfie immediately. Don’t give them time to think. This is called a brain freeze.”
he further says:
“…In a scenario where this may backfire, just comply with what the woman is saying and move on to the next woman worth taking a selfie with.”

How many offensive things you could spot in the above tip? If you ask about me then the answer is many. Judging women with their attire and accessories, intruding others’ privacy, being impolite and become shameless to ignore the objection coming from the other end and moving to the next prey.

The young generation needs to feed their brain good things to cultivate a fruitful society. I failed to understand what is the purpose of the author to pen such a book. The book is not about communication skills, neither it is about personality development. It is total crap and a collection of tips full of disrespectful comments for women.

Horrible and disgusting read.


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