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Singapore Under Attack



Dr. Gideon Ben Ari, a brilliant specialist in advanced technology, is called upon by the Israeli Mossad to combat a highly sophisticated, malevolent cyber attack planned by the Iranians in Singapore to target the Israeli and American embassies and then a multifocal chain of worldwide terror. The novel provides a rare peek into the Iranian decision-making process, replete with fascinating, volatile internal power struggles.

Can Gideon arm his global task force with the keys to diffuse the malicious attacks?

Gideon must come up with futuristic technological solutions, developed in real time, to be put into effect immediately by an international task force. His rich combat experience as an Israeli Army commander also comes into play. The highest ranks in Singapore, including strong, influential women in the fields of economy and government, give Gideon their full support in this tale of love, lust, the whims of the human spirit, and the war of good against evil.

Additional books in this series: In The California Triangle Gideon finds himself involved in an American espionage affair that includes the FBI, Mossad, and groups interested in overturning the Iranian government. In Trapped in Paris the war against terrorism and development of nuclear missiles by the Iranians reaches Europe, and Gideon is once again enlisted for the challenge.

Book Review:

Singapore Under Attack is an intense tale of mystery and suspense. It is a fast paced, action filled thriller full of interesting twists and turns that keeps the reader hooked to the book till the end. The book picks up quickly and the very first page is enough to intrigue the reader.

The story deals with a very interesting topic of cyber terrorism which is one of the nuisances of the modern era. The author Uzi Eilam has done a commendable job in researching the things. The outcome is a well-researched, tightly knit story with loads of information, woven intelligently throughout the story. The book is a thought provoking fiction that offers thrill, suspense, action, information, and in depth view of human behavior. The story seems real and characters; relatable.

The language is crisp and free flowing that succeeds in captivating the reader’s attention.

The cover of the book is quite impressive and manages to grab the attention of readers with its looks and usage of color.

Overall, the book is a fun filled, action packed thriller that is recommended to all those readers who enjoy reading fast paced thriller. The book​ is​ factually grounded and the story will not only entertain but will also educate the readers. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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