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Solitude Revisited



Solitude Revisited is a confession, a realization and the musings of a pensive young heart.

There are a million stories around us, but few are told. This book is about those invisible souls you encounter everyday, but never care to observe. Sometimes, the eyes need to look further than just what they can fathom, the heart needs to seek an anecdote and the mind needs to frame a memoir for the soul – to survive the vastness reality throws at it. That’s where fiction steps in, presenting an alternative universe for the mind to thrive in, so it may preserve its individuality and brood over its reflections. Thoughts demand to be contemplated and preserved just like history, for they tell infinite stories no sane mind can perceive.

Solitude Revisited is all but real; it’s a confidante and a confession, an artist and his muse, a whisper and a madman. Listen to it and you may find yourself, listen to yourself and you may find it.

Book Review:

[The book is provided by Arudha Club in exchange for a genuine review.]

Solitude Revisited is a collection of 10 short stories amazingly crafted that bring out every emotion of the reader. Each and every story touches the soul with the emotions narrated beautifully with choicest of words. The stories are like scoops of everyday lives that are not only relatable but also compel the reader to revisit their old days. I liked most of the stories but Arundhati is my favourite. It is so nice written and heart wrenching that it left me speechless when I finished it. It is nice sometimes to sit and introspect. This book helps us understand the meaning of life and living. What I loved the most are the short and sweet poetry that are written after some of the stories.

The language used in the book is simple yet elegant. It was a pleasure going reading the stories. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t keep it down before finishing. The title of the book is catchy and apt for the stories that it contains. Though I did not like the cover. It had no relation with the theme. The narration is great and enjoyable.

Overall Solitude Revisited is a highly intriguing book and recommended to all who love to read soft emotional stories. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to read more from the author.

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