The Complete Guide to Children’s Drawings by Michal Wimmer – Book Review

The Complete Guide to Children’s Drawings: A Practical Handbook to Children’s Emotional World



Gain entry into the world of children as you learn to interpret their drawings!

This informative book covers a wide range of subjects in children’s lives as represented by their drawings: ADHD, fears and anxiety, coping with divorce, stubbornness and power struggles, sibling rivalry, difficulties weaning, tantrums, new baby in family, learning disabilities, obesity, emotional intelligence, and more. It presents cases of children and adolescents coping with a variety of life challenges and clinical issues by way of interpreting their artwork.

An indispensable guide for both parents and professionals

Clinicians, educators, and parents will find this practical guide beneficial for understanding children’s strengths, weaknesses, and the reasons for their behavior. It can also aid them in initiating fruitful emotional dialog, based on specific insights from the drawings.

Acquire practical coping tools and solutions

The wisdom in this book is based on extensive psychological studies, innovative independent research, and vast clinical experience. Using over 250 colorful, real-life examples of children’s drawings, Wimmer offers more than 100 effective coping tools and solutions inspired by this artwork that can be extremely useful in enhancing children’s self-confidence and family relationships.

Book Review:

Children + Drawing + Psychology; what a great combination! Three of my favourite topics, all in one. I love kids, I love to read about human psychology and I love drawing/painting as well. So how could I miss this book? That too when it is written by an art therapist?

The Complete Guide to Children’s Drawings: A Practical Handbook to Children’s Emotional World by Michal Wimmer is an enchanting read. I loved the way things have been explained so meticulously. Starting with the developmental stages in children’s drawings and covering through other stages according to the age of children, the book is definitely an educative read. It helps in understanding the emotional aspect of children through their drawings, choice of colours etc. The book is written in simple language which makes it extremely easy to understand because the topic, though seemingly simple, is not so simple. So to make the book and concepts comprehendible, simple language was the first and foremost priority and the author did that successfully.

I never thought so much meaning can be hidden in a simple drawing by a 1.5 year old. I knew that colours and the pictures that we make as grown-ups say a lot about our personality. But didn’t know that it is applicable for infants as well.

I was thrilled to explore the world of children through this book. Recommend it to everyone, even if they are not parents.

Just wondering what my parents would have concluded through my drawings. I started with a scenery as a kid; a house, a tree, a mountain, river and sun. And still make the same drawing if someone asks me to draw one. Though I love and appreciate paintings a lot and at a point of time had bought a lot of sketching and painting material & books to become an artist, but the result is the same; a house, a tree, a mountain, river and sun : D

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