The Death Story by Amay Saxena – Book Review

The Death Story



One misty night, a young writer was travelling from Kalka to Mumbai in train. He was enjoying his cold journey when a young beautiful woman entered his compartment. To pass time, she offered to tell him a story. He hesitated firstly but agreed later.

The rest of the night, she told him a story about a woman who never wanted to kill her husband but ended up murdering him.

So, what was the reason behind murdering him? Let’s find out…

Book review:

Horror stories? No please. But then what was special about The Death Story that I picked it up to give a read? Well, the first thing: its blurb. It seemed quite interesting and the story seemed different from other horror books. Further on reading the book, I found many interesting things in it and secrets to be revealed that kept me hooked to it.

The Death Story by Amay Saxena is a horror fiction novel that keeps you glued to it with its interesting plot. There are several human emotions explored in the book like love & hatred along with the usual ingredients of horror, suspense and some interesting twists and turns.

The narration style is lucid and simple that gives an easy flow to the read. You can finish the book in one sitting, of course the suspense WILL definitely not let you leave it midway.

One more thing I would like to mention is its cover. I detested it. These types of images and creatives don’t create horror. Instead they generate a certain dislike in the reader. Honestly speaking, I had let it go at the first glance. When I again read the blurb after a few days, I decided to give it a try and I am glad that I did.

Overall The Death Story is a nice work of fiction. The book is a refreshing read and was a nice break for me from the other heavy emotional books that I usually read. I enjoyed reading it and recommend to all who are horror lovers or are looking for a light read.

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