The Garud Prophecies Sitara’s Story by Gauri Sinh – Book Review

The Garud Prophecies Sitara’s Story



What would you do, should the world as you know it break down abruptly? You’re seeing changes already. Weather patterns gone awry − Intense heat waves when there should be winter, devastating floods in summer, unseasonal super storms levelling lives and livelihoods indiscriminately… What would you do when it is finally upon you? When Sitara sees the mysterious Garud for the first time at age five, she does not yet know the terrible secret he conveys to her telepath elder sister Padmini. When she learns the truth it is only so she can participate in a desperate race against time as the elements wage war. A race for survival that tests endurance, filial and societal bonds and spells sacrifice for Sitara, her siblings and her betrothed. Will they make it?

This is a story of three sisters. Their unorthodox early years, the secret they struggled with and their desperate fight for survival, told in individual voices with timelines alternating between past and present. They are not entirely ordinary. They have unconventional help in their odyssey, help that is mystic and ancient, the way all unexplained energy is. Even so, their journey embodies the story of the universal human condition − man’s eternal waging against forces beyond his control, his struggle to conquer his demons, to rise, using the inner force more powerful than any other, one available to not just the gifted, but to all − love.

Book Review:

The Garud Prophecies deals with an interesting plot idea that creates an interesting setting using mysticism and romanticism. The concept is unique and intriguing. The build-up of the story is good & engaging that succeeds in creating curiosity in the readers in the initial chapters. However, after a point the book falls flat and starts to lose its grip on the plot. The narration seems to be dragging at several places and fails to hold the interest of the readers who feel bored after a certain point of time.

The narration is simple and is devoid of any interesting description and imagery. The characterisation is good and language is easy to follow.

The climax is not as powerful as it could be. Overall the book deals with a unique concept that could have been a great read but fails to meet the challenges of the plot and hook the readers till the end.

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