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The Girl Who Knew Too Much: What if the Loved One You Lost Were to Come Back?



Can true love bring someone back from the dead?Akshara is left devastated by her mother’s death and spends most of her time in solitude at the local park. One day, as she is sobbing uncontrollably, a young man named Harry approaches her. They become friends and Harry recounts to her a story about the miraculous reunion of a young woman and her dead boyfriend to help ease some of her pain. The story makes Akshara hopeful that she can perhaps see her dead mother again. But she soon realizes that Harry isn’t what he seems to be. Even the characters in his story seem dubious, almost unreal. So what is he hiding? And why? Is there any truth to his story at all?In this darkly suspenseful romance mystery, Akshara is left facing a truth that will make her doubt not just Harry but herself as well . . .

Book Review:

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The Girl Who Knew Too Much: What if the Loved One You Lost Were to Come Back? is a book written by author Vikrant Khanna. The story is about a girl Akshara and her encounter with Harvinder aka Harry. In the book, Harry narrates a story to Akshara about Sahiba and Sidhu (Sahiba’s dead boyfriend) to console her and ease the pain and agony that Akshara was going through after her mother’s death.

The book started off very well with some nice description and character sketches. However, after about some 30 pages, it started dragging. Maybe it was the cheesy and over dramatic & filmy depiction of Sahiba’s love story that put a sudden break in its flow.

The concept, I must say, is unique and the plot is very nice. The author has been able to maintain a level of suspense till the end. Though it is my bad luck that I can guess the suspense of most of the books after reading about 20 to 25% of the story. In this case also, I guessed something that the author revealed much later. However, I feel the book could have been way better if the execution would have been handled in a better manner.

The overall narration of the book is neat and the style of writing is simple. At some places the author has tried to put a dash of comedy by adding some light situations and dialogues.

Although the characterisation is done well, there are some weaknesses. I didn’t get attached with the characters except Akshara. Most of them seemed over dramatic and unreal surrounded with unreal situation. I know this is a fantasy novel but the real life situations also didn’t seem realistic. I felt lack of emotions in the book. The plot demanded the book to be handled in somewhat more serious and emotional manner. The way author has described the scenes after death (I won’t give details to avoid spoilers) could have been handled with some more depth instead of the comic way that the author has adopted.

The ending is nice. I liked the way the book ended. Perhaps it was the most suitable end it could have.

Overall, The Girl Who Knew Too Much: What if the Loved One You Lost Were to Come Back? is a light and enjoyable read. However, I had expected more after reading the fantastic blurb. I wouldn’t say it is a must read, but would recommend if you are looking for a different, light and quick read.


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