The Lost Bible: An Adventure Paranormal Novel by L. Rosenman

The Lost Bible: An Adventure Paranormal Novel (Mystery & Action Fiction Book 1)



Hannah, a green-eyed beauty, finds herself in mid-life with no husband, no work, and no clear direction. Following a promising ad, she joins an enthusiastic professor on a perilous search for a lost copy of the Gutenberg Bible, last seen in the 16th century. To succeed where others failed, they must decipher ancient encrypted texts, enter monasteries and torture cellars – and avoid dangerous criminals who will stop at nothing to lay their hands on this priceless antiquity. But then they are forced to face an even greater challenge…

This suspenseful romance reveals an ancient love that drowned in blood 500 years ago, yet has endured to this day.

Book Review:

I like reading mystery or thriller stories with a backdrop of historic era. And The Lost Bible: An Adventure Paranormal Novel (Mystery & Action Fiction Book 1) by L Rosenman is just that. Alng with mystery wrapped in history, it also has romance and adventure. It is not just another romantic thriller. It’s a unique story with many layers to it. The Lost Bible  has many twists and turns which make it a real page turner. It’s captivating, it’s interesting and it’s different.

The plot is very nice though at some places I found the narration to be a bit draggy. The language is simple and the ending; superb.

The cover and title both are very catchy and attractive and have the capability to attract readers instantly.

Overall, The Lost Bible is an interesting and intriguing book that will keep you hooked till the end. Recommended to all mystery lovers.

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