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The Prince of Patliputra



272 BC BHARATHVARSHA, LAND OF THE ARYAS Samrat Bindusar, son of Chandragupta and the second Samrat Chakravartin of all the Aryas rules over the massive subcontinent from his holy seat in Patliputra. Almost five decades ago, his father had laid the wealth and glory of the past has subsided. As the Samrat’s health continues to decline due to an unknown illness, problems are arising all over his realm. There is infighting and rebellion. No clear successor to him is present. Ninety nine of his sons stand in line waiting for his throne. Bharathvarsha needs a Chandragupta once again. And it needs a Chanakya too. Can the young Prince Asoka, who is the least favorite son of the Samrat, fill the boots of his grandfather? Can Radhagupta, a mere Councilor of the Court be what Chanakya was to all the Aryas? Begin a new adventure with the first book of the Ashoka trilogy as you read to find the answer to one great question- That who shall be the next Samrat of this holy land of the Aryas?

Book Review:

The Prince of Patliputra is debut book by the author, Shreyas Bhave, which I must say is a great effort by him. The book is the first in the Asoka Trilogy series. I have always been fascinated by stories of Asoka and admire the great ruler for many reasons. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why I was very keen to read how the author tells the story and this great ruler of ancient India and I must say I was not disappointed at all. The prologue itself is intriguing enough to compel the reader to turn the pages further.

The book takes the readers to the ancient world of the Mauryan Empire and explores the ancient world of the Mauryas, their culture, lifestyle, religion and the war of thrones. The author has penned the last years of the reign of Samrat Bindusara, Asoka’s father, in the book. He has woven a captivating story by simultaneously describing the ascent of Chandragupta Maurya (the founder of the Maurya Empire and the first emperor and a just ruler) to the throne fifty years ago by conquering the Nanda Empire along with the present decadent rule of Bindusara.

The author paves the way for the rise of Asoka to the throne by constantly telling tales of his bravery and military achievements. He has woven an intriguing tale by weaving history with fictional account of the life of Ashoka which is fast paced, highly engrossing and a sure page turner.

This is the first part of the trilogy, The Prince of Patliputra, where the author chronicles the military exploits and excursions of Asoka before he becomes the Samrat.

The author has been successful in bringing the highly written about and historical legends like Asoka, Chandragupta, Chanakya, Radhagupta etc. alive from the pages of history and setting them in a fiction.

The narration and writing style seems effortless and is easy to read. All in all a fast paced, tightly knit story that brings forth the story of the legend called Asoka through an interesting plot which is an amalgamation of historic facts and fiction. A must read for those who like historical fiction.

Looking forward to read the next in the series.

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