The Quest Of The Sparrows by Kartik Sharma – Book Review

The Quest Of The Sparrows



A seemingly ordinary young man is forced to become a spiritual guru and takes a leap of faith. He sets off with his followers on a 600 km journey on foot, without money and belongings to test the truth of the scriptures and spiritual laws. Inspired by the life of a sparrow which survives every day without any worry and never hoards for the future,  he wishes to prove that survival, which has become a central concern of all human beings is no big deal. He believes that human beings are destined to play a much bigger, evolutionary role. A higher calling awaits us. Will Guru Partibhan and his disciples complete the journey, successfully? Will they discover their true potential and find everlasting joy? The journey is experienced from the perspective of four people – The explorer, the experimenter, the doubter and the hater. Each of these states exist in most individuals, at some point or another in their life’s journey. What insights does the journey reveal to these protagonists? Does it change their mindsets and lives forever? The twists in the tale will keep the reader guessing till the end.

Book Review:

The Quest of the Sparrows’  an enlightening and captivating story that explores spirituality through the life of the sparrow.

The story has been portrayed from the perspective of 3 people: Nikhil, Sanjeev and Partibhan. This is a new style of writing and seemed quite interesting. The storyline and theme are very different from the usual run of the mill novels. Today, when everyone is chasing a materialistic life, the book dwells into Spirituality and its meaning in this fast paced world. Though the book comes under fiction category but it also explores the areas of self help.

The narration is free flowing and keeps the reader hooked till the end. The language is easy and simple which makes the reading experience effort free. The story is thought provoking and stresses to find the meaning of life and an everlasting joy.

Religion and spirituality are two different things and the book very well describes this.

The cover of the book is not very attractive though it justifies the story. The title is also a bit misguiding.

Overall I like reading the book a lot.  The story is definitely going to leave a mark on the mind of the readers and the way they perceive things in life. Highly recommended to those who like reading books with some substance.

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