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The Story Of The Dead



The novel takes its plot from the usually unnoticed cremation ground that is located at the centre of a thickly-populated city of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. A story weaved within a story, The Story of the Dead is a simple narrative where the wise Ollu gives voice to the silenced- to those individuals who were not strong enough to fight their own battles against corruption, social discrimination, and several other evil practises. The author beautifully manages to throw some light on the essential values of life and provide a brief insight into the basic principles of the Hindu philosophy. The Story of the Dead, which stems from the spiritual aura of Shri A. C. Raja, raises a new platform for Malayalam literature.

Book Review:

The concept of this novel is very unique and immediately reminded me of “Baital Pachisi”. Whereas in Baital Pachisi a baital narrates stories to King Vikramaditya, in this book an owl tells stories of the dead every night to a man. The owl tries on emphasize on the evils and the wrongs prevalent in the current age with the help of different stories about the people who died on that particular day and the incidents that occurred with them on the cremation ground. Though I found the concept very interesting, the stories disappointed me. The book throws light on many evil practices prevalent in our society. The connection of the novel with philosophy and the unique concept  prompted me to pick it up and read but somehow I was not much impressed by the overall execution. The language is simple and easy to follow and the book is a quick read. All in all an average read for me.

I got a free copy of the book from the publisher in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.

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