The Three Wise Monkeys by Jeet Gian – Book Review

The Three Wise Monkeys



The trio Amar, Akbar and Anthony had no clue whatsoever about their goddammit indecisive-careers-and-indefinite-struggles.

And that was because they were born with the Peter Pan Syndrome and were simple enough to be tricked by anyone, including their mystifying girlfriends—Meghna, Farah and Sarah.

And as is the fate of all morons, they were drawn into trouble—deep trouble—of hiding crores of rupees of black money in secret offshore companies.

Will their mistake of turning a blind eye to the philosophy of ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ cost them their careers and put them in prison?
Will Lady Luck change their fortunes forever?

Book Review:

[The book is provided by Arudha Club in exchange for a genuine review.]

The Three Wise Monkeys is a light hearted quick read full of puns that has very well captured the chaos of corporate world with a dash of humour. It is a story of three struggling Chartered Accountants Amar, Akbar and Anthony and has been told with the help of many real life incidents. The author has tried to showcase various problems existing in the current scenario involving businessmen, corporate world and corrupt bureaucrats in a sarcastic manner.

The plot is interesting and very relatable so the reader gets hooked to the book from the initial pages though towards the end the things became a little stretchy and unreal. However, that didn’t diminish the joy of reading the book. The main characters are portrayed well. There are many more who take the story forward and are handled well by the author. The research being done by the author is commendable. The narration style is simple and easy to understand which I feel is a must of such light hearted books.

Overall, The Three Wise Monkeys is an entertaining, one time read. If you are a lover of humour or light hearted books and do not believe in investing much of your emotions into a book, this is a perfect read for you. Recommended for those who are looking for a light read.

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