The Way of The Cat: Surviving Metastasized Cancer by Itzhak Be’er – Book Review

The Way of The Cat: Surviving Metastasized Cancer



Shocked by a prostate cancer death sentence, Itzhak (Itzy) Be’er becomes a cancer-fighting warrior

This is the story of author Itzy Be’er’s heroic struggle with cancer. In late 2001, near his 50th birthday, he was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and given nine months to two years to live. A black cloud descended over him and obscured his future. As a result, Itzy decided to embark on a journey to save his life.

Encounter Itzy’s unique, effective strategy for beating terminal cancer!

He developed “The Way of the Cat” strategy for fighting cancer: as a cat fights a snake, rapidly hitting it over the head again and again until it is exhausted, one fights this disease.

Against all odds, and in defiance of medical experts, Itzy nowadays continues to live and enjoy an excellent quality of life and believes that he will continue to do so for many years to come.

Itzy shares his insights about how to wage an effective and uncompromising struggle against cancer or other crises, imparts eye-opening medical wisdom he acquired during his illness, and points out weaknesses in the healthcare system. All this is integrated with personal stories of the hospital atmosphere and his family’s coping.

Book Review:

“The Way of The Cat: Surviving Metastasized Cancer” by Itzhak Be’er is a powerful and highly inspirational read that reiterates the fact that with great determination and immense will power, nothing is impossible, even a win against the deadly disease known as Cancer.

It is a book that strengthens our belief in the age old saying “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. Yes, it was Itzy, the author’s go getter attitude that helped him win the battle against terminal prostate cancer.

The Way of The Cat: Surviving Metastasized Cancer is an autobiographical book which also contains some great insights on how to take control of your life and health. This is a book that generates hope. The book also highlights the power of medical wisdom and also throws light on the weaker side of the healthcare system. The last chapter of the book compiles 14 life lessons that are highly motivating.

The book is very powerful book and is recommended to all. This will not only inspire the readers to fight against all odds but also give them a better perspective towards life.

The language of the book is simple and easy to follow though the cover is misleading. It could have been better that would have better propagated the main theme/idea of the book.

Overall, a highly motivating read recommended to all.

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