This Time It’s Forever by Aditi Ray Bose – Book Review

This Time It’s Forever



When Aisha Ahuja receives an SMS from Anuravo Banerjee, almost a year after he had walked away from her, asking her for a restart, she is initially unable to decide what to do. But she finally relents.

Book Review:

This Time It’s Forever is a fast pace and interesting romance story involving two people of two extremely different cultures or should I say lifestyles. The male protagonist Arunavo is a Bengali whereas Aisha, the female protagonist is a Punjabi girl which, for me, is a classic combination when we talk about contrast in India. The story has been told beautifully while weaving instances from everyday life. The flow of the novel is very nice and a sure page turner. The author has done a wonderful job in portraying intricate feminine feelings and has been successful in presenting a story that is true representation of the current times. The nuances of everyday life with minute details of corporate life of Delhi make the story very relatable.

I do not why but I have always loved stories with sad or tragic endings and maybe this is the reason why I loved how the story ended.

The characters of the novel are relatable and the narration is simple and easy to follow. All in all a refreshing read and recommended for those who like love stories.

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