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Thousand Unspoken Thoughts



“Don’t use the phone. People are never ready to answer it. Use poetry.” _ Jack Kerouac

Thousand Unspoken Thoughts’ brings together the collection of poetry of an amateur poet who uses words to see through the world. Prerna, though being an Advocate by profession believes that writing is where her heart lies. The collection is a passage through her mind, where innumerable dreams and aspirations, are brought down to ink. Her writing is not confined to any age group; hence, no censor certificate is required. Keeping that thought aside, she believes in the power of ink, and her poems stand as witness.

Book Review:

I am not an expert on poetry, so this review of mine may not include much of technical details. However, I do appreciate the soft and sensitive part of life and like to read words that compel you to think. This book is a wonderful collection of poems that are thought provoking and full of sensitivity. The poetess has expressed her thoughts wonderfully and the poems unveil deep meaningful thoughts in very few words. I enjoyed every poem of the collection. Here are a few lines to relish:

I saw her,

In the luminance of the unblemished moon.

I saw her,

 In the swiftness of the early current.

I saw her,

In the vastness of the serene landscape.

I saw her,

In the breath of the animated being.

I felt her,

In the first drops of the rain.

I felt her,

In the golden grains of health.

I felt her,

In the warmth of the celestial atmosphere.

I felt her, In every essence of her gracious gifts.

She seemed like a gliding mirage,

Manifesting herself,

In every prayer,

In every blessing,

Caressing me,

Like the baby in her womb!

I felt safe,

Like never before!     

Here are few more:

One step front, two steps behind;

Two steps front, another four behind.

The cycle continued; and dangerously grew.

The question was to take, a leap of faith, or remain guarded for well.

The balance weighed, and promised, a beautiful end;

If only, one had the courage, to dream and live.

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