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Two Angels



Do you know the love story that the sea shares with the sea shore? The mighty sea travels with his companions; boats, sailors and the sea creatures together visit many destinations. When he gets tired from all his travels, he comes to the sea shore, and crashes down onto her, surrendering everything that he has. The sea shore keeps her arms wide open when he reaches for her, to soothe his tired body and take away his pain. The moment he is relieved of his pain, he longs to go back, and the seashore lets him go. The love that Arun and Esha share is just like that between the sea and the sea shore. Their relationship is short and leaves Arun devastated. Could he have found love only to lose it all to fate? Will he survive the loss? The answers take him back to Esha, and to the realization that love comes in many forms. This story is a journey to love through friendship, from loss to hope.

Book Review:

Two Angels is a highly engrossing and emotional tale of Arun and Esha. I love reading emotional stories and this book had all the ingredients to hook me. With a fair share of ups & downs, sadness & happiness, the book is a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Two angels is a heart wrenching tale of love, loss and life. But there is also a bright ray of hope with a brighter message of letting go the past and embracing the future in the book. The plot is simple and relatable and it is the execution which makes the book a delight to read.

The narration style and description is beautiful. I loved the usage of metaphors in the narration. The language is simple and engaging.

The characterisations have been done beautifully. The well developed and well-crafted characters are highly relatable.

Coming to the title of the book, all I can say is that it is not bad though it could have been better. The cover is too simple and not at all in sync with the storyline. The first impression that it gives is a light comedy book which of course “Two Angels” is not. Also one can not deny the fact that it is the cover that attracts the attention of the potential readers. Only when a reader is interested in the book, blurb and other things come into picture. And this book totally fails in this department. If the cover would have been better, the book would have got lot more readership.

Overall, “Two Angels” is a lovely story of two young people, who grow together, fall in love with each other, unite but only to be separated by fate again. Highly recommended for readers who love reading emotional tales.

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