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UNNS-The Captivation



“Of course you know about the seven stages of love, but have you ever lived them?” Atharva Rathod and Meher Qasim. Lovebirds since adolescence. Bonded by love, separated by circumstances. They part ways only to meet again. But this time, he is on a secret mission… Are they in control of their own destiny, or its their destiny which is making them dance to its tunes? Only time would answer, as Atharva and Meher unwillingly and unknowingly transcend the seven stages of love. A quintessential tale of love and romance marked beautifully by its own rustic old school charm.

Book Review:

[The book is provided by Arudha Club in exchange for a genuine review.]

Unns -The Captivation is a tale of love.  The first thing that attracted me towards the book was its title. Unns is a very interesting title and promises to provide something nice for the readers.  Because someone who can come with such a title will surely come with an interesting story. Even the blurb was quite exciting.

Unns is a different kind of love story. The most interesting thing about the book is how the author has researched and come up with seven stages of love. These stages of love are explained beautifully in the book. The story is quite captivating with a lot of twists and turns though predictable at times.

Unns is an appreciable attempt by author Sapan Saxena with a good theme. However, I feel the author needs some polishing for his story techniques. The characterisation has done beautifully. A great thought has been given while naming the characters and developing them. The language is simple and easy to follow.

Overall, with some loopholes and flaws, Unns is an intriguing novel with a unique plot idea. Recommended for all who love reading love stories with a dash of suspense.

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