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Where there’s a Will



Billionaire businessman, Mr Pratap Sharma, manages to conceal a highly consequential secret in his will, merely hours before his mysterious death. A will, which is unique. A will, written in cryptic verse. A will, which no one can understand… Caught in a web of codes and couplets, detective Pranita Roy, single, talented and extremely attractive, must uncover the truth- Before she loses her will to her heart. And before she loses her soul to a suspect- Rohit Sharma; drop-dead handsome, disarmingly chivalrous, but, potentially dangerous. Is he a link in the puzzle or a mystery by himself? Seven verses. Four suspects. One will. Orchestrated Murder.Poetic Justice. Where life isn’t a song, but death is a poem…

Book Review:

“Where There’s A Will”; An interesting title with an equally interesting themed novel. Mr. Sharma is a wealthy businessman and is found dead under mysterious circumstances. The death calls for the intervention of a detective, Pranita Roy. Pranita Roy is a novice detective and this happens to be her first high profile case with a well-known detective agency. The story has been told from Pranita Roy’s perspective which has everything; a dash of romance, glimpses of family life and a murder mystery, all woven along with interesting twists and turns to keep the reader hooked to the book till the end.

First of all let’s talk about the plot. The plot and story itself are so intriguing that it becomes impossible to leave the book halfway. In fact the moment I read the blurb of the book, I was drawn towards it. A well-structured and refreshing storyline makes the book highly captivating.

The characters are well built and seem real. They do justice with the overall story. The author could have devoted some more pages in developing the characters but I feel somehow that would have diluted the main storyline and the suspense.

The narration style is lucid and the language is easy to follow. You do not need a dictionary to read this book. The cover is attractive and the title is simply awesome with its subtle hidden meaning.

Overall, “Where There’s A Will” is a captivating, fast paced thriller that is a real page turner. The author has done a creditable job as a debutante. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and recommend it if you are looking for a light hearted, fast paced read. Absolutely fitting to read during a short flight or a lazy weekend afternoon. A brilliant mystery novel.

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