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While the Code Compiles



While the Code Compiles is a compilation of hilarious tales about IT industry. The book is about a fictional IT firm Infopro Limited, where adventurous should be the right term to describe the life of the employees. None of the other keywords that usually apply for any software company like ‘fat paycheck’, ‘beautiful campuses’, ‘beautiful colleagues’, ‘super intelligent folks’ deem fit to describe this particular software firm.

The main protagonist here is the IT Company, Infopro whose Campus exposes readers to the lighter side of the IT. The book takes the readers through a tour of Infopro Campus narrating interesting stories of a few Infoproites.


Full of wit and clever observations, While the Code Compiles captures the life of the people working in software industry. The book has been written by two authors; Sreekanth Sasidharan and Unus Ebrahim,  who are working in IT firms after doing MBA from IIM.

Book Review:

While the Code Compiles is a quick and entertaining read. Writing style is simple and seems effortless. Considering the fact that I myself am from the same industry, I could easily relate with the matters and incidents described in the book. However, those who are not familiar with IT industry may find it difficult to relate with the book. Several words and terminologies like CMM level, mobility, cloud computing, booting a system, tussle to take CPU time, VOIP bridge and abbreviations like using K instead of thousand etc. have been used in the book which may seem alien to those who are not tech savvy. This may restrict the audience for the book as many would find it difficult to catch the satire.


I liked the way authors have used highly creative and witty phrases in the sentences to create humour. Words have been chosen very cleverly to express satire. However at some places I felt that an exaggerated depiction of situations were made.

The book is a light read and didn’t really seem as if I was reading. Easy on mind, perfect to read while travelling. If you are looking for a serious piece of literature or hardcore fiction, then you will be disappointed. Good for those who are looking for some lighter moments and have a good laugh, not willing to invest emotions while reading.

Overall a refreshing break from the serious heavy routine to just laugh on random stuff.

Thanks to the publisher for providing the book for an honest review.

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