You Are Meant To Sing!: 10 Steps to Unlock Your Inner Voice by Helane Marie Anderson – Book Review

You Are Meant To Sing!: 10 Steps to Unlock Your Inner Voice



Do you sing in the shower while being too afraid to share your voice with others? Do you long to be in touch with that part of yourself that loves to sing and use your voice? If you miss having the confidence to sing and would like to ready yourself to unleash your inner voice to the outer world, now is the time. Connecting with your vocal essence will open doors in every area of your life, and your voice is ready to be shared.

Learn how to unleash the power of your voice to the world!

This book presents a 10-step process for transforming your voice and learning how to harness your personal power muscles to sing. Discover the reasons why you have been too silent and overcome them as you acquire tools for using vocal expression to heal yourself. And most importantly, reconnect with a wellspring of inner joy through singing.

Book Review:

“You Are Meant To Sing!: 10 Steps to Unlock Your Inner Voice” is a different and well written book though with its fair share of strengths and flaws. This book empowers the readers to find their confidence and inner strength. With a step by step guide to unleash the power of self discovery, the author has encouraged and guided the readers to express their emotions without any inhibitions.

The book is definitely an interesting read with a refreshing concept. There are few excellent examples and techniques described in it through which the readers can strengthen their inner voice and expression. The readers also get to read about the life and achievement of the author as a singer, pianist, mentor, and healer that definitely carves an inspirational path for others. However, I have two takes on the book. If we read the book as an inspirational read, it is an amazing one that inspires many to express themselves better.

My second take is the way the Yoga, Chakras and spiritual aspects have been treated. I personally believe these are much deeper and need practical guidance of a Guru. I follow and study these practices so I know that if done incorrectly they may even harm you especially practicing with awakening of Kundalini Chakra.

Also, I believe that singing from your soul in itself is like worshipping God. Learning techniques of singing are also fine to polish the art. When you learn singing, you are even taught breathing exercises and the ways to control breath etc. while singing. But linking everything with pure scientific tools and DNA etc. makes it extremely mechanical. One should find solace and joy while singing without bothering about the guided steps. When we sing from our soul, we forget the world around us. Even we are not aware of our own self. When we try to remember and follow the steps and tools, we move a step further from spirituality. However, these are completely my personal views.

In a nutshell, I want to say that the book is definitely an inspirational and read with a unique concept. If you are searching for your self-confidence and inner voice, you must read the book.

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