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Young Blood



Don’t call me Humbert. This isn’t Lolita in the Digital Age. Loneliness, more than anything else, trapped me. I can blame the Internet, questionable judgment, and good intentions. But loneliness is the real villain in this story.

And so begins Young Blood, the third in the Phil Allman, P.I. series out of Philadelphia.

Bored and desolate, the fortyish divorced Allman begins an innocent, though questionable online dialogue with the pretty teen Marci Downes. Phil’s initial “comments” of advice plunge into something deeper, as he descends into the abyss of forbidden love, put to the test when Marci is kidnapped. Romantic, suspenseful, often funny, and certainly controversial, Young Blood is both a cautionary tale for this still new virtual world, a kind of Lolita for the 21st century, and in the end, a love story…of sorts.

Book Review:

Young Blood is a light and quick read that is moderately entertaining. The plot and concept of the novel is interesting and though the author has done a fairly good job in executing the plot but I did not like usage of certain offending words in the book. Personally I like clean literature and some words used in the book did not go well with my taste. However, the story is fairly engaging and the language is easy to read. The book claims to be romantic but in my opinion, it lacked at the romance front and ended up like another love cum suspense story.

The pace of the book is fast and the story moves smoothly. The dialogues used in the novel are realistic and characters relatable.

Overall if you are looking for a light read and are not an ardent follower of clean literature, you may give this one a shot.

Thanks to the author for providing the book for an honest review.

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