Yes, You Can!


I was browsing through one of my favourite websites Women’s – Web; when I suddenly landed on a contest where they had planned something for the International women’s day. The website was inviting posts on contribution of any woman in shaping up one’s life.

Well, it left me thinking why do we wait for such triggers or invitations to thank or appreciate something in life? Honestly speaking, sometimes we take things and people so granted that we never realize how much someone has contributed in shaping our lives. After learning about this contest two persons flashed in my mind instantly.

Yes, you read it right. I am writing about two women who contributed in making me myself, in achieving what I have earned and reached in life. Two women, because it would not be just for the one whom I leave if I write only about one person.

The Women In My Life

To cut the long story short, I will start with the first name. Her name was Bani Chaklanobis and she was the one who brought me into this world. Yes, she is my MOTHER. I often hear stories and incidents about how parents and mothers impose restrictions on a girl child to step forward and fulfill her dreams. But this person whom I called “Ma” was always encouraging me to do whatever I wanted to do in life.

Being born in a Bengali family, I was brought up in a very liberated atmosphere and there were never any such restrictions; but still I can not recall a single incident when I got a scolding from my mother. She was such an affectionate lady. She always boosted my spirits. When I used to get ready to leave for my exams at 5:00 am in the morning, she used to get me a hot cup of Horlicks with few slices of bread. When leaving for the exam, she used to put ‘Dahi ka tika’ and shower lots and lots of ‘Ashirbad’ for my good results. When I was getting ready for the actual challenges of life and was about to finish my studies, I lost her to fate. She left me to join the heavenly abode.

After that I went through a difficult phase and after few years, was fighting for every breath of mine. From the very beginning, I was a career oriented person and wished to make a fruitful career for myself. But due to my illness, I was cut off totally from everything. When I regained my health, I found myself lagging behind everyone. Being a person from the software industry, a couple of years is enough to ruin everything and you are compelled to sit at home. And at this juncture of my life, descended the second woman who is my sister. Although everyone knows her by the name Dr. Sujata Chaklanobis, I call her ‘Chordi’.

I was going through a phase when everyone was saying that there is nothing left to do in life. Every second day, someone will come with a long list of health advices and an additional dosage of rest. My existence was ruled out by any and everyone, when this person told me “Yes, you can do it”. She started applying for jobs on my behalf as at that time we didn’t have a computer at home. My confidence was continuously boosted by her during this period. After a long wait and few interviews, I got the first job of my second innings in life. Yes, and this time this lady ‘Sujata’, gave me my second birth.

She had written something on the front page of my niece’s notebook which I learned by heart and made the mantras of my success. These were – “There is no shortcut to success” & “There is no substitute of hard work”.

Since then several years have passed and now I am the the Vice President of my company. I can not deny the fact that apart from GOD’s grace and my father’s contribution, the role of these two women is impeccable in shaping up what I am today.

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