Compare Prices at Book Okay and Get the Best Deal on Your Next Read

There are 4 types of book lovers or should I say readers:

  1. Involved Readers:

    They don’t just love to read books, but they love to read about books. For them, half the fun of reading is the thrill of the chase – discovering new books and authors, and discussing their finds with others. Involved readers may visit websites and read reviews to gather information about their next purchase.

  2. Exacting Readers:

    They love books but they rarely have as much time to read as they would like – so they are very particular about the books they choose.

  3. Serial Readers:

    Once they discover a favourite writer, they tend to stick with him/her through thick and thin.

  4. Eclectic Readers:

    They read for entertainment but also to expand their mind. They are open to new ideas and new writers, and are not wedded to a particular genre or limited range of authors.

For every type of book reader, sometimes purchasing their next read becomes the greatest challenge of their lives. Who am I? Well, I fit equally into all four reading personalities mentioned above. So you can very well imagine my dilemma to find a good book and what is more difficult to find is the store from where I can get the book at lowest price.

Mostly I buy books from Amazon. Usually they offer books at lowest prices as compared to other ecommerce portals in India. But the other day when I was browsing the site to buy “The Kite Runner”, good sense prevailed and I went to Book Okay which is a book price comparison site across various ecommerce portals in India.  I was surprised to see that the book was available at a lower price at Flipkart. I was grinning ear to ear. Every book lover will relate to the feeling of finding a favourite book at a lower price. This way I could save some money for my future purchase as I always have a monthly budget for buying books. Similarly I bought “The Seeker” from Infibeam and got the best deal after comparing its price at


Latest price comparison for “The Kite Runner” at Book Okay

Book Okay is a wonderful site not only to compare the price but you can have a glance of the delivery charges and other details like page number, publisher etc. as well, all at the same page. There is also a column to show if the book is currently available in stock or not. This is a very handy and useful website for avid readers like me who are always in search of good books in lower prices.

You may browse the books on the site from the categories or search any particular book of your choice based on ISBN number, Author or the book name. There is also the facility to show you Goodreads rating of the book which gives a fair idea of its popularity.


Book Okay home page

Now, I always visit the site before purchasing any book and save money. If you are also a bookworm like me and are searching for the best deal on your favourite book, no need of browsing each and every portal selling books. Simply visit and start comparing prices to get the best deal.

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