Importance of Regaining Lost Growth for Children

We all have grown up hearing and believing the proverb: “A healthy body in a healthy mind”.  It is extremely important to have a healthy physical and mental state and when we talk about kids, it is very important for every parent to ensure that their children have a normal growth. To attain this they need to take certain measures so that their children have a healthy body and a healthy mind. It is also said that “Your body is what you eat”, so the food that we give our kids to eat plays a vital role in their growth. Pediatricians say that the early years especially 3-9 years is a critical growth phase for children. But due to some reason like fussy eating habits, illness or some other possible reasons, inadequate growth may happen.

Sometimes, the daily meals are not sufficient for providing all the requisite nutrition and in case of children, it is all the more important because it is their growing stage. They need it for building healthy body cells. And it is the health drink that can provide this nutrition. I have always seen Horlicks in my home. I still remember when I used to go for giving an exam, my mother made this drink for me. A couple of Marie biscuits and a glass of Horlicks. That was all I would have before going for an examination. And believe me, it provided all the energy I needed to write my papers. I also loved its taste. Not only the drink but I would also eat it as it is. It was yummy. After so many years, I still pop a spoonful of Horlicks into my mouth while making the drink for me.

Sometimes children fall behind on growth by not attaining the right height & weight as per the age and their peers. Along with physical growth, mental and psychological growth is also important for kids and if they fall behind their peers, it certainly is a cause of concern for parents. In this age of cut throat competition, it is very important for kids to be totally fit, both mentally and physically. Those who fall behind are not only bullied in the school by their peers but the teachers also do not take much interest in them and go ahead with other intelligent students. So to succeed in this competitive era and lead a fulfilling and healthy life, every child needs special care and attention. Here are a few tips that help in this:

  1. Sports and outdoor games: In this techno driven age, children are mostly confined in homes playing with their gadgets. Every parent needs to ensure that their children go out and play with their peers. It not only provides a healthy body but also a healthy mind and
  2. Books: Books are great sources for imbibing morals and values in kids. In my view, we all should encourage our kids to read more books.
  3. Co-curricular activities: Co-curricular activities like singing, painting, and dancing are excellent means of attaining a healthy body and mind.
  4. Nutrition: it is one of the most important factors. Nutrition does not always mean over feeding the children. It means providing all the nutritional elements in the right proportion. Health drinks are excellent sources of these and they help curtail malnutrition. Like I mentioned earlier in the post, I have grown drinking Horlicks and feel it is one of the best health drinks available. Now Horlicks have introduced Horlicks Growth + which is available in two delicious flavours (chocolate and smooth vanilla) that enhances growth naturally. Healthy growth is very important for kids and this is exactly what this drink does. Horlicks Growth + is a clinically proven health drink for visible growth in children in 6 months. It contains added nutrients, vitamins, minerals and protein and so it provides extra nutrition, and helps children catch up on growth.

Horlicks is a brand that has proven itself since past several decades and a name that is trusted by all. It is definitely the ideal drink for kids.

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