The Magical World of Imagination

“The dust can only cover your memories for sometime but the feelings that lay beneath them remain the same, forever. It’s just that you have to brush the dust aside to get hold of the same feelings again.”…..PANORAMA

When I opened the pack of new Colgate strong teeth pack, I was immediately transported to the time when my niece was studying in the Kindergarten. She is now a lovely young lady but the incident happened when she was only 4 years old. The new Colgate Strong Teeth packs had some interesting images of sea creatures inside which the children can cut and play with. These tiny tools act as great learning material that help a child develop healthy brain inside a healthy body. And I must say Colgate has done an excellent job in putting forward some innovative ways to help children learn while having fun in addition to developing healthy strong teeth. Children are transformed into little architects when they create new play models with these pictures, and their laughter brings an immediate smile on your face.

It was another day after her school. My niece was playing in her room after taking lunch. I happened to be in the home as it was a holiday for me. Suddenly I saw her going toward the kitchen. I quietly followed her just to have a look at what was she up to. What followed after that filled me with utter surprise.

She took a half filled glass of water, came to her room and started putting some beads inside the glass. When I asked the reason, she replied very innocently, “Masi, I am thirsty and this glass is only half filled. That is why I am putting these beads inside the glass. You know when the beads will fill the glass, the water will come up to the brim and then I will be able to drink it.”

“Who told you this?”  I asked her.

“I know.”

“How come?” I asked again

“Masi, you don’t know the story of the thirsty crow?” She asked me, a little surprised.

“No.” I pretended to be unaware as I by now I had started enjoying the conversation.

“Really? OK, then let me tell you the story.” She got up, held my hands and made me sit in front of her. Then began the interesting story of the thirsty crow that teaches kids a moral, ‘keep trying till you achieve your goal’.

I was enjoying her story telling style and facial expressions. The way her expressions changed with the different events of the story was magical. I was looking at her affectionately with a smile on my face and was thinking how intelligent children are. It is only upto the parents how they nurture their talent. I came to know that she had learnt the Hindi poem, “Ek kauwa pyasa tha…” in school that day which prompted her to put beads in the glass. Very cleverly she transformed the poem into a story while narrating it to me. I was enthralled. I loved every moment and her innocence. The way she narrated the whole thing was phenomenal and left me thinking about the power of imagination. It had opened a magical world not only for my niece but also in front of me and cemented the saying that imagination can take you anywhere you want to go.

Something similar happened again today when I opened the colourful and exciting pack of new Colgate. I smiled and praised Colgate for the innovative idea of inculcating imagination power in kids with ‘Magical Sea World’ packs that come in four different sets, each with their own interesting tales and trivia about magical sea creatures.

Good job Colgate.

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