The Tiny Happiness Around Us


Today is International day of happiness. The new-born writer within me prompted immediately to write something nice on this. But then I started thinking why do we need a special day to feel happy. Isn’t it a natural emotional state that makes us feel nice, joyful and contended? Then why are we required to celebrate the presence of this natural feeling? Perhaps we need this special day to remind ourselves that we are still alive and there still exists the feeling called happiness.

Oscar Wilde had said: Nowadays people know the price of everything, and the value of nothing. And this is absolutely true because with the ever increasing materialistic approach towards life, we are somehow losing the very essence of life or should I say happiness. We live in big apartments, travel in cars, have wardrobes full of branded clothes; but the happiness that we felt during our childhood days in little moments of life is lost somewhere. There are pleasant and enjoyable moments, but this is not happiness. People confuse pleasure with happiness.

When I was a kid I used to get a fixed amount every year from my father to buy my Durga Puja stuff; and I used to wait for it the whole year planning the design of my clothes and colour of my new shoes. And when I caught hold of my Durga Puja shopping bags, I was really really HAPPY. Now by God’s grace my wardrobe is overloaded with clothes, bags and accessories but the excitement is lost somewhere. Now I buy things worth thousands very casually; but am unable to feel as much happy as I felt with my limited Durga Puja shopping.

I very well remember, when I was a kid, I used to have very little amount in my piggy bank. All my income came from the pocket money my father used to give me every month and the amount I used to get from my relatives as “Ashirbadi” whenever they visited us.

I am an ardent book lover since my childhood. I used to save the entire amount and buy my favourite books. Amar Chitra Katha, Tintin, Enid Blyton books,  Asterix and Phantom comics are my all-time favourites. I used to buy these whenever I could save enough money. Amar Chitra Katha used to advertise their next issue in every book and I still remember how I used to wait impatiently to buy their next release.

I used to live in a campus and there was a small book stall near my house that sold these books. Every time I bought one of these, I felt like the richest person in the world. The walk through the small distance from the book stall to my house used to be full of excitement. I can still feel the joy that I felt when I walked down the lane with the new book in my hand. Perhaps excess of anything loses its charm.

Happiness does not lie in the object. It’s the moment or feeling of contentment that makes you happy. We cannot buy happiness, we cannot acquire happiness. We can simply be happy.

Life is full of HAPPINESS. We simply need to identify the moments to feel happy. You may find it in very little gestures of life like having tea with your family in the evening chatting with them after a long day’s work, or a plateful of your favourite food item in Sunday’s lunch, or a day out with your friends or family. It is very much there- scattered all over. Its upto you whether you choose to pick it up and enjoy every moment of it, or simply let it pass like that.

Happiness is a part of the journey called life woven throughout; enjoy every moment of it. Try to slow down a bit, pause and get hold of these precious moments before they are lost forever.

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