Review Policy

I accept book review requests in mostly all genres (fiction & non fiction) except erotica and books with adult content. Review copies are accepted from publishers, book marketers, and from requesting authors. Though I am willing and happy to accept all review requests (of course if the blurb seems interesting and intriguing), but sometimes due to time constraint and prior commitments, some requests may be declined.

Whilst I do my best to review books in a timely manner (between 10 to 15 days of receiving the book), in some cases, there might be a delay due to unforeseen reasons.

All the reviews are posted on this blog, Amazon India and Goodreads. The blog review links are shared on Facebook page, Twitter and several Facebook groups dedicated to books and bibliophiles.

I accept review copies in paperback, hardcopy as well as ebooks version.

What To Expect In A Review?

  • Once I receive the review copy, I will inform the concerned author about the same.
  • It will take between 10-15 days to review a book.
  • The views expressed, will be my very own and they will not (in any case) be influenced by the author or the publishing house.
  • My positive reviews may or may not be supported by reasons on why I liked the book, but all the negative reviews will definitely have solid reasons to explain why I disliked the book.
  • I am open to hosting guest blogs, performing author interviews, and conducting promotions/giveaways.
  • I will give my feedback solely based on honesty and integrity that I believe in.
  • The review may or may not have criticism, depending upon the content. Any form of criticism in my review will be for the book itself and no offence will be intended or directed towards the author or the publication house.
  • Once the reviews are posted, I will send the concerned person the links of the reviews.

You may contact me at shilpic100 @ gmail dot com


Hoping to connect with you and your books.

Happy reading & writing!